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future technology trends in 2020

The Future Technology trends will go hand in hand in both unimaginable innovations, to increase connectivity maintaining the high morale of business obeying the consumer data breach. A business should have a strong and firm grip for SMAC. The word consists of S-social, M-mobile, A-analytics, and C-cloud. It enhances the business to incorporate the latest technology trend to cope up with the changing realities.

After extensive research,Here are the latest technology trends that will excel in the next technological innovations:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence

It is an already known technology running successfully in recent times. But still, this technology is in trend about how it affects the livelihood nowadays. Machine learning is an extended version of Artificial Intelligence. AI is the computer system that helps to enact or copy human intelligence and perform the activities faster and more accurate than human efforts. Artificial intelligence includes recognition of speech, patterns images decision making, etc.

5G Communication


It is also known as the future of communication. It is true to some extent as the invention of the 5G network can help businesses to excel vastly. It will reduce the network costs and increase the bandwidth and provide 10gb/s per user experience with low latency and response times. The daily mobile phone users, mobile network carriers will experience the 5G wireless network that will support 1000-fold gains in capacity and connections for a minimum of 100 billion devices.

Distributed Cloud System


cloud computing

By now people are already familiar with the trend of cloud computing and cloud storage. Many of the industries are successfully using the same. However, the distributed cloud is going to step forward by connecting the public cloud distributed operation of cloud services to the specified mentioned locations. Already many companies are up with their service subsets to use this distributed cloud in the coming days.

Virtual Reality and Augment Reality


Reality and Augment Reality

Virtual Reality and Augment Reality, respectively are changing the tech systems. Initially, Virtual Reality was only used in gaming purposes. But it has also merged with simulation software, known as Virtual Ship, which is used for training the U.S. Army and Navy and the coast guard ship captains.
Simultaneously, Augment Reality or AR is enormously featured for training, entertainment, marketing, education, and so on. It can be helpful in training doctors to do surgery and even gives a better experience to the user who visits the museum or looks for enhanced theme parks. The wide example of Augment Reality is Pokemon Go.

Robotic Process Automation [RPA]


RPA Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation[RPA], known highly for automating jobs alike Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This software is used by the industries or business for performing services like dealing with the data, estimating applications, processing the transactions, and also for replying to the emails. The experts have given as estimate that almost 45 percent of human efforts and works can be automated which might deeply include the roles of doctors, financial managers, heads of the departments, and even CEOs.

Machine Learning


Machine Learning

This assists the computers to get programmed in such a way to help them learn something that they were not programmed to do. They get the idea from the perception of the data and inventing new patterns.
Machine Learning is categorized into two parts, supervised learning and unsupervised learning. Artificial Intelligence has led to the growth of Machine Learning.
Sidewise, Machine learning is in demand for job seekers who want to build up a career in this domain.

Internet of Things [IOT]



Life has gone wireless with the aid of Wi-Fi connectivity, i.e., it can get connected with the internet easily. The Internet of Things is the future to the era of technology, connecting the home appliances, cars, enabled devices, and many more to exchange data over the internet.
People are already utilizing the benefits of IoT. There are options to lock the door if you forget to close before leaving for office, also you have the privilege to preheat your ovens while you are returning from work.

Autonomous Driving


Autonomous Driving

The concept of autonomous driving itself provides a feeling of excitement. Many companies have already adopted the craft of autonomous vehicles like, Waymo, Tesla, Alphabet, etc. These companies aim big in autonomous driving and have their upcoming designs ready. However, there are many approvals required in the infrastructure, laws, and regulations, legislations before these can be put into use.

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